Configuring dbcrossbar

dbcrossbar can read information from a configuration directory. By default, this can be found at:

  • Linux: ~/.config
  • MacOS: ~/Library/Preferences

To override this default location, you can set DBCROSSBAR_CONFIG_DIR to point to an alternate configuration directory.

If a file dbcrossbar.toml appears in this directory, dbcrossbar will read its configuration from that file. Other files may be placed in this directory, including certain local credential files.

Modifying the configuration file

You can modify the dbcrossbar.toml file from the command line using the config subcommand. For example:

dbcrossbar config add temporary s3://example/temp/
dbcrossbar config rm temporary s3://example/temp/

Using config add temporary allows you to specify default values for --temporary flags. You can still override specific defaults by passing --temporary to commands that use it.