Shopify (UNSTABLE)

WARNING: This is highly experimental and will likely be removed in a future release in favor of the new JSON Lines support. To use it for now, you must enable it using the --enable-unstable flag.

Shopify is an online e-commerce platform with a REST API for fetching data.

Example locators

Locators look just like Shopify REST API URLs, but with https: replaced with shopify:

  • shopify://$SHOP/admin/api/2020-04/orders.json?status=any

For a schema, download shopify.ts, and refer to it as follows:

  • --schema="dbcrossbar-ts:shopify.ts#Order"

We do not currently include a default Shopify schema in dbcrossbar itself, because it's still undergoing significant changes.

Configuration & authentication

The following environment variables are required:

  • SHOPIFY_AUTH_TOKEN: The Shopify authorization token to use. (We don't yet support password authentication, but it would be easy enough to add.)

Supported features

shopify features:
- cp FROM:

This driver is UNSTABLE and may change without warning.