Pre-built binaries for dbcrossbar are available on GitHub. These currently include:

  1. Fully-static Linux x86_64 binaries, which should work on any modern distribution (including Alpine Linux containers).
  2. MacOS X binaries. Note that these are unsigned, and you may need to use xattr -d dbcrossbar and spctl --add dbcrossbar to make them runnable.

Windows binaries are not available at this time, but it may be possible to build them with a little work.

Required tools

To use the S3 and RedShift drivers, you will need to install the AWS CLI tools. We plan to replace the AWS CLI tools with native Rust libraries before the 1.0 release.

Installing using cargo

You can also install dbcrossbar using cargo. First, you will need to make sure you have the necessary C dependencies installed:

# Ubuntu Linux (might be incomplete).
sudo apt install build-essential

Then, you can install using cargo:

cargo install dbcrossbar

Building from source

The source code is available on GitHub. First, install the build dependencies as described above. Then run:

git clone
cd dbcrossbar
cargo build --release

This will create target/release/dbcrossbar.