dbcrossbar can read and/or write files in a number of formats, including:

  • Our CSV interchange format. For invalid CSV files, take a look at scrubcsv. For CSV files which need further transformation and parsing, considering loading them into BigQuery and cleaning them up using SQL. This works very well even for large datasets.
  • JSON Lines (input only).

Example locators

The following locators can be used for both input and output (if supported by the format):

  • file:file.csv: A single CSV file.
  • file:dir/: A directory tree containing CSV files.
  • file:-: Read from standard input, or write to standard output.

To concatenate CSV files, use:

dbcrossbar cp csv:input/ csv:merged.csv

To split a CSV file, use --stream-size:

dbcrossbar cp --stream-size="100Mb" csv:giant.csv csv:split/

Configuration & authentication


Supported features

file features:
- cp FROM:
- cp TO:
  --if-exists=error --if-exists=overwrite