Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage is a bucket-based storage system similar to Amazon's S3. It's frequently used in connection with BigQuery and other Google Cloud services.

Example locators

Source locators:

  • gs://bucket/dir/file.csv
  • gs://bucket/dir/

Destination locators:

  • gs://bucket/dir/

At this point, we do not support single-file output to a cloud bucket. This is relatively easy to add, but has not yet been implemented.

Configuration & authentication

You can authenticate using either a client secret or a service key, which you can create using the console credentials page.

  • Client secrets can be stored in $DBCROSSBAR_CONFIG_DIR/gcloud_client_secret.json or in GCLOUD_CLIENT_SECRET. These are strongly recommended for interactive use.
  • Service account keys can be stored in $DBCROSSBAR_CONFIG_DIR/gcloud_service_account_key.json or in GCLOUD_SERVICE_ACCOUNT_KEY. These are recommended for server and container use.

For more information on DBCROSSBAR_CONFIG_DIR, see Configuration.

For a service account, you can use the following permissions:

  • Storage Object Admin (Cloud Storage and BigQuery drivers)
  • BigQuery Data Editor (BigQuery driver only)
  • BigQuery Job User (BigQuery driver only)
  • BigQuery User (BigQuery driver only)

There's probably a more limited set of permissions which will work if you set them up manually.

Supported features

gs features:
- cp FROM:
- cp TO: